What is Considered a Short Term Loan?

A short term loan can be defined as any form of borrowing that doesn’t involve repayments in multiple installments. As such, any amount borrowed will need to be repaid in its entirety, often within a month.

This kind of borrowing has numerous risks and rewards associated with it. For instance, a careful consumer can use a short term loan to steer away from significant financial issues. However, where people use the ready availability of cash to patch up long term debt problems, the consequences can be dire.

Short term loans are known by a number of different names. You may well have heard of instant loans, same day loans and, of course, payday loans, all of which effectively describe the same form of lending practice. Whilst the format is relatively new, it has quickly grown in popularity as an ever-increasing number of people seek accessible solutions to financial difficulties.

How is it different from a bank loan?

There are numerous differences between short term loans and your conventional personal loan; some are subtle, others very obvious indeed. One of the more eye-catching of these is the rate of interest charged. Often running up to and far beyond 1,000% representative APR, a borrower will often actually pay just 25% in charges. By no means insignificant, but this difference in rates is certainly less monumental than the initial figure perhaps suggests.

In terms of benefits, availability is certainly high up on the list. Whilst this also represents one of the potential dangers, the ability for almost anybody in full-time employment to gain a short term loan makes it a far less strenuous and protracted process than many consumers have become accustomed to.


Borrowing Defined by Speed and Availability

Short term loans have also become synonymous with the Internet. This helps to aid availability and responsiveness from lenders. A borrower can now apply at any time, day or night, be provided with a near instant decision and get the funds transferred swiftly. Therefore much of the red tape and formality of a bank application is discarded, as are the waiting times. Again, this goes some way to explaining their popularity.

Due to the openness of this form of lending, most companies have a strict cap on how much you can borrow. This is another aspect that really sets it apart from a long term loan. Therefore, whilst you might go to a bank to secure a few thousand pounds, you could instead choose a payday loan provider if you’re only seeking a few hundred.

So, in essence, a short term loan is a quick fix to help get you out of a sticky financial situation. You wouldn’t apply for one to buy a car, but you might if your vehicle was stuck in the garage in need of repair. It’s not the cheapest form of borrowing, but the convenience and swiftness it affords has proven to be hugely successful.

Obtaining A High Risk Personal Loan

If you are a person who has bad credit you might find yourself in need of a loan at one time or another. When you have bad credit you will be stuck getting a high risk personal loan often times just to make ends meet. Other times the loan might be needed simply because you have an unexpected expense such as a medical bill or unexpected repair of some sort. It does not matter why you need a personal loan the fact is because you have bad credit you will have the option of a high-risk personal loan. This article will discuss the options that will be available to you when it comes to getting a loan such as this.

Finding A Lender

Finding a lender to lend you money if you have bad credit will be difficult especially if you do not have collateral to offer them. Once you do find a lender you will find that the loan you will be offered will have a very high interest rate and the amount of money you will be able to borrow will not be much. But believe it or not it is not hard to find a lender to lend you money when you have bad credit.

One of the first places you should turn to when you are in need of a loan is your own personal bank. By applying for a loan where you do your every day banking the no credit lender will be able to see how you handle your day-to-day finances. This is not a guarantee that you will be offered a loan and if you do the interest rate that will be offered will be very high. But you might still get the money you need.

High Risk Personal Loan

The other popular place to find a high-risk personal loan is through the Internet. Online lenders are more likely to lend you money if you have bad credit than a traditional lender. It is important to mention that even though these loans are a little easier to obtain they will still come with high interest rates and possibly a low dollar amount to be given.

Repairing Your Credit

Just because you have bad credit it does not mean that your credit is damaged for life. When you obtain a high-risk personal loan this could be the answer to your road to credit recovery. By making your payments on time every time and paying your loan off in full you could see that your credit score and credit history will improve over time therefore helping to repair your credit.


High-risk loans might be a little pricey when you are approved for one but it can give you the money that you need when you need it and it can also be used to repair your credit. You should do your research when shopping for a loan to be sure that you are getting the best loan available to you for your needs. Be sure to do the comparison to be sure that you are not getting yourself into a larger financial debt.

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