Why FX Providers should consider White Label Prepaid Cards as a Payout Solution

White label prepaid card solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who want to launch their own, branded prepaid card program. With White Label Prepaid Card Solution, there is no need to have prior experience running a prepaid card program—daily, routine management is included in a White Label plan.

The benefits of a white label payout solution are becoming popular, especially in the FX market. With the White Label plan, FX providers are able to give clients competitive exchange rates, quicker access to profits, and additional branding. The providers themselves are benefiting from better exchange rates, as well as immediate access to gains without the hassle of account payout technicalities. This allows them to concentrate on trading and making a profit instead of worrying about clerical details.

What Are the Benefits?

Brand Loyalty

Each White Label Prepaid Card comes with its own unique ID encryption, which allows you to track cardholder spending. This data can be used to create and manage company reward programs, which can help build brand loyalty. Continue reading “Why FX Providers should consider White Label Prepaid Cards as a Payout Solution”

Obtaining A High Risk Personal Loan

If you are a person who has bad credit you might find yourself in need of a loan at one time or another. When you have bad credit you will be stuck getting a high risk personal loan often times just to make ends meet. Other times the loan might be needed simply because you have an unexpected expense such as a medical bill or unexpected repair of some sort. It does not matter why you need a personal loan the fact is because you have bad credit you will have the option of a high-risk personal loan. This article will discuss the options that will be available to you when it comes to getting a loan such as this.

Finding A Lender

Finding a lender to lend you money if you have bad credit will be difficult especially if you do not have collateral to offer them. Once you do find a lender you will find that the loan you will be offered will have a very high interest rate and the amount of money you will be able to borrow will not be much. But believe it or not it is not hard to find a lender to lend you money when you have bad credit.

One of the first places you should turn to when you are in need of a loan is your own personal bank. By applying for a loan where you do your every day banking the no credit lender will be able to see how you handle your day-to-day finances. This is not a guarantee that you will be offered a loan and if you do the interest rate that will be offered will be very high. But you might still get the money you need.

High Risk Personal Loan

The other popular place to find a high-risk personal loan is through the Internet. Online lenders are more likely to lend you money if you have bad credit than a traditional lender. It is important to mention that even though these loans are a little easier to obtain they will still come with high interest rates and possibly a low dollar amount to be given.

Repairing Your Credit

Just because you have bad credit it does not mean that your credit is damaged for life. When you obtain a high-risk personal loan this could be the answer to your road to credit recovery. By making your payments on time every time and paying your loan off in full you could see that your credit score and credit history will improve over time therefore helping to repair your credit.


High-risk loans might be a little pricey when you are approved for one but it can give you the money that you need when you need it and it can also be used to repair your credit. You should do your research when shopping for a loan to be sure that you are getting the best loan available to you for your needs. Be sure to do the comparison to be sure that you are not getting yourself into a larger financial debt.

How to Save Money on the Cost of Owning a Mobile Phone

With so many different mobile phone tariffs available, it is easy to become confused about which one offers the best deal. Let’s clear up some of the confusion by taking a look at the different types of mobile phone contracts and pay as you go deals available to consumers. The right deal for you will depend on the type of phone you own or want to buy, as well as your typical mobile phone usage habits.

Is Pay As You Go Cheaper?

A pay as you go tariff can be a very cost-effective way of paying for your mobile phone usage, particularly if you are not a heavy user of data and don’t make too many calls. On a pay as you go tariff, you only pay for the minutes, texts and megabytes of data that you actually use, which makes this kind of tariff a great option for people who are not heavy phone users. Some pay as you go tariffs also offer free texts or data every time you top up. However, unless you already own a handset, you will probably have to buy one outright in order to use this type of tariff, which is a large upfront cost that not everyone can afford.

Comparing Contracts

Mobile phone contract deals can sometimes be the most cost-effective way of getting your hands on the latest smartphone. It is often possible to get a free handset by signing up for a contract, but it pays to do your homework before signing on the dotted line: work out how much you can expect to pay in monthly charges over the course of the contract. It might be cheaper to buy the phone you want outright and use a pay as you go or SIM-only tariff instead.

Contract deals are particularly suited to people who make a lot of calls, send thousands of texts per month, or are heavy data users. For these people, paying for everything they use on a pay as you go tariff would be very expensive. However, it is important not to take out a contract for more minutes and data than you need if you are trying to save money. If you currently have a mobile phone, track how many minutes you spend making calls, how many text messages you send, and how much data you transfer over the phone operator’s network during an average month. Using this information, you can work out what allowances you will need your contract to provide.

Should You Take Out an Insurance Policy?

Many mobile phone providers will try to get you to sign up for an insurance policy when you buy your phone. Carefully weigh up the costs and benefits of such a policy before agreeing to take one on. If you end up spending significantly more on paying the insurance premiums than it would cost you to buy a new phone, the policy probably isn’t worth the money you are paying for it.

Restricting Data Costs

If you are on a pay as you go tariff or a contract deal with a limited data allowance, you will need to restrict the amount of data you send and receive over your carrier’s 3G network. You can do this by using free Wi-Fi whenever it is available. Set up your phone to automatically scan for wireless networks and connect automatically to your home network. You do not pay to send or receive data over a wireless network, so do as much downloading and updating of applications as possible while you are connected to reduce your 3G data usage and potentially lower your bill. If you are travelling abroad, adjust the settings on your phone so that it doesn’t send or receive data while you are roaming; remembering to change this setting could allow you to avoid returning home to a shockingly large phone bill.

Beginner internet marketing tips to help get your business off to the best possible start

Any fledgling business worth it’s salt these days should have an internet marketing dimension included in their overall business plan. Even if you have no experience in the field of online marketing you should not dismiss taking the time to inform yourself as choosing the right strategy choice here will give your business a significantly higher chance of getting off the ground and continued reliable business too. Of course the first step to accomplishing this is to master the relevant internet marketing techniques, hopefully this brief beginner introduction can set you on your way to becoming a master marketer on the web.

Do some research into your niche competition.

The term ‘niche’ refers to the specific area in which your business is based. For example vintage motorcycle repair or crocodile skin boots are highly specific niches – they focus on a single area or expertise or product. It is well worth your while investigating the level of competition for a particular niche. You will find that the market is already over saturated for many of your ideas however it may be a promising sign if you have a business service or product that you know people want but is currently under represented in cyber space. Your competitor research becomes incredibly important because you can use this data to see how the market leaders currently pitch their product, how they design and style their website to attract customers and you can even check where your competitor has it’s website links to allow it to rank well in the google search engine. Absorb as much of this information as you can from your strongest competitors then look to replicate and improve it for your own internet marketing empire.

Decide what keywords you want to target.

An integral part of a successful internet marketing agenda is the correct selection of keywords suitable to your target niche. The importance of keywords is they allow the average potential customer to easier find your product or service. For example it if your business is custom designed T-shirts it is a good idea when you link to your website to use a keyword like ‘custom t-shirt designs’. You should also be using these keywords in the correct areas of your website such as the titles and subheadings. Of course you should not ‘stuff’ your website full of these keywords at every opportunity as this can actually damage your website’s ranking and usefulness. When in doubt you should always ask yourself ‘Will this make it easier for the average person to find what they are looking for?’ If the answer is yes then go for it – it will help improve your conversion rate and should keep you on the right side of google’s constantly updating search algorithms too.

Your Plea For Help in Fighting PPI Is Answered!

When you first hear about PPI, you might feel helpless. Scared. Worried. Frustrated. And yes, a bit angry – though that might be an understatement. When many people first started digging into the PPI scam, they were shocked at the level of deception and deceit going on. They wanted to think about anything else, really anything else, to keep from going crazy. There’s a lot of money trapped in PPI forums, and that’s something that can really wear you down.

If you’re crying out for help with PPI right now — there’s help on the way.

PPI claims companies have the legal skills to handle your case. It’s a lot better than trying to wade through all of this on your own. There’s no reason to believe that you have to fight it out on your own. This is a good way to make yourself sick from the stress. A claims company will make sure that they use every resource imaginable to track down any other PPI premiums that might be floating around. This could boost your compensation sky high without any extra work from you.

What the claims company does is do the legwork for you so that you can get a compensation award. However, they do charge a percentage of what you get. The benefit here is that you don’t have to pay any upfront cash. This is good when you’re struggling as it is because it means that you’re not going to have to make any sacrifices. All you need to do is make sure that you set up an initial meeting. You need to come clean and be honest about your PPI policies. Getting the money back can be done and it can be done in a hurry, you just need to make sure that you’re taking action everywhere that you go.

Some people want to give up, thinking that PPI is something that just goes beyond what they can do. That’s not true at all. you have what it takes to contact a company and let them take this stress from you. You need to let the stress go — there’s other people that are more than willing to stress and worry about things like that. Are you ready for the chance to get your money back? Contact a claims company today — you will not regret it at all!

Top Tips for Contractors on How to Save Money

You’ve put all the hard work in, you’ve secured the freelancer contracts and the pay has been pouring in. What now? Well as nice as it would be to start splashing the cash and splurging on the latest gadgets, as a self-employed person it is important to save some of that hard-earned money.

You work for yourself which means you need to make the effort to ensure you’re getting a steady influx of work. Remember, no matter how reputable you are there will be dry spells of work when employers are not recruiting temporary placements.

The flexibility of being a freelancer is great but it is also tempered with the knowledge that you do need to put some money away for a rainy day because you don’t have a fixed monthly income.

You are not superhuman and you do not have a bulletproof immune system, so there will be times when you get sick. And you are bound to want to jet off on holiday at some point in the year to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So how can you save money?

•    Set up a Limited company

There are various business structures available to choose from but a limited company is the most tax efficient one. It can save you hundreds of pounds in tax, therefore increasing your take home pay.

•    Claim back your expenses

As a freelancer, there are certain rates and expenses which you can reclaim such as mileage, accommodation and food. Know what you can and cannot claim to save the pennies.

•    Pay your taxes on time

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can fine individuals for any late tax payments or self-assessment forms that are filed past the deadline. Make sure you meet all cut-off dates to avoid a fine.

•    Keep a separate business account

One way you can save money is to have a dedicated business account. Keep all your personal money separate and choose a high interest savings account that offers a good rate of return. Some banks charge you an additional fee for business banking- so try if possible to choose a bank that is more accommodating.

Follow the above top tips to save money in 2013. Who knows, you may need to use the money set aside as an emergency fund for your tax payments or alternatively, the leftover money could be used to update your equipment.

This article was written by Nixonwilliams.com, specialists in contractor accountancy. Visit the site today for expert advice on taxes, contractor law and tax efficiency.

Don’t Beat Yourself UP – Get Your PPI Claim Today

Getting your PPI claim in as soon as possible is the best way to make sure that you’re going to be compensated for all of the money that you’ve paid into a broken system. There’s just no way around it — if you have PPI policies right now, chances are they will not do you any good. This has been the subject of a major investigation, and the good news is that the court system has finally handed down the ultimate decision: consumers have the right to get their money back for these false policies.

It can be hard to get over the shame factor — you trusted a company to be on the level with you, and they failed to deliver. What you’re going to have to do now is forgive yourself, and do what it takes to get your PPI claim in as soon as possible.

You don’t have to do this alone, of course. You can always go with a PPI claim company that will sit down with you and discuss your case openly. Remember that they have a reputation to uphold. If they’re not fair with you, then they’re just as bad as the company that took your money in the first place. The company will connect you with a solicitor that can go over the details of your case, as well as provide any type of legal representation that you’re going to need. Don’t worry about bringing in a solicitor — you don’t have to fear high legal fees just because you want to get your PPI premiums back.

Be aware that most PPI solicitors do work on a no win no fee basis — this means exactly what the name appears to make it sound like. You’re not going to have to worry about upfront fees at all. If you lose your case, you will not have to worry about any fees at all. The burden is on the solicitor to not only win your case, but get you back as much money as possible. They are, in a sense, working on commission. They have to “close the sale” in order to get a payday at all.

If you’re unsure about where to begin, relax. You just need to start at the beginning: get in touch with a PPI claim company. They will take care of everything from here. There’s no need to worry yourself over every last detail — they will be waiting to handle the details so that you can worry about other things in your life. Why not get started today?

Payment Protection Insurance Claims Aren’t Difficult To Navigate – Let Us Show You How!

The hardest part about payment protection insurance is realizing that all of the benefits touted just don’t always apply to everyone who owns a policy. What’s worse is that they were never told that they wouldn’t qualify for claiming those benefits, which means that many people — thousands upon thousands in fact — were offered loans bundled with this insurance cover when they should have never been offered it.

If that’s not fraudulent, we don’t know what is. Unfortunately, until the entire scam was exposed by the media, a lot of people didn’t even know anything about PPI. They didn’t know what to expect, and they certainly didn’t realize they could get their money back. They just assumed that there was no way out. After all, wouldn’t you assume that once you paid out an insurance premium you weren’t getting it back? When’s the last time you’ve received any of your auto insurance premiums back? That’s what we thought.

Yet the secret is out, and it means that you do have the power to get your money back…with interest. Why shouldn’t you receive interest on the money that was taken from you? Being able to fight back should also empower you. There’s no need to go through life thinking you don’t have the power to actually and honestly change your life. If you’re like most people, you can probably already think of things to do with the money.

But right here, right now, you have to commit to getting a good solicitor on your side. It’s really all about having the right lawyer that can help you get the money that was taken from you. They will often work on a contingency basis, which means that you pay them out of what you get. Of course, if you don’t get anything, then there’s no fee at all. You can go on with your life, knowing that you at least did you best to get the money back.

The future looks bright as thousands of people begin having those payment protection insurance claims — what will you decide? We hope that you’ll stand up, claim your rights, and fight hard. The things that you can do with the money are endless, so why wouldn’t you fight as hard as possible? Good luck!