Why FX Providers should consider White Label Prepaid Cards as a Payout Solution

White label prepaid card solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who want to launch their own, branded prepaid card program. With White Label Prepaid Card Solution, there is no need to have prior experience running a prepaid card program—daily, routine management is included in a White Label plan.

The benefits of a white label payout solution are becoming popular, especially in the FX market. With the White Label plan, FX providers are able to give clients competitive exchange rates, quicker access to profits, and additional branding. The providers themselves are benefiting from better exchange rates, as well as immediate access to gains without the hassle of account payout technicalities. This allows them to concentrate on trading and making a profit instead of worrying about clerical details.

What Are the Benefits?

Brand Loyalty

Each White Label Prepaid Card comes with its own unique ID encryption, which allows you to track cardholder spending. This data can be used to create and manage company reward programs, which can help build brand loyalty.

Brand Awareness

White label prepaid cards can be fully customised in a number of ways to give them the look and feel of your company or brand. Whenever a customer uses your branded card, it will increase recognition and awareness of your brand.

Card Data

Program owners have access to individual cardholder data, which allows them to track spending, analyse spending by merchant class, and identify cardholder trends. This data can be used for marketing purposes, sales strategies, customer service enhancement, and more.

Easy Integration

The White Label full-service API provides a range of powerful integration options, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate our cardholder services into your existing system.

Tailored Fee Profile

You can tailor the card program’s fees to fit your needs. You have the option to customise cardholder user fees, and also organise the distribution of revenue that you make on these fees among the programme owners.

Time to Market

Once the card issuer has granted approval, it will take an average of 3 to 4 months to bring a fully customised White Label Prepaid Card to market.

The White Label Prepaid Card program is particularly suited to clients with large revenue streams, who want a prepaid card solution with fully customisable features, including flexible cardholder pricing, complete branding, and fee disbursement options. Before launch, approval is required by the issuer of the White Label Prepaid Card Program and VISA.